Hydroshine 500ml

Hydroshine 500ml


We all love a clean car, it’s a great feeling - it’s a shame it doesn’t last long. As soon as you go for a drive, your car manages to get dirty again, and you find yourself wondering if it was even worth cleaning in the first place.

Hydroshine is designed to help you keep your car cleaner, for longer - so you can always feel good whenever you drive.

Our industry leading formula designed to clean, protect and enhance your vehicle.


How it works:

Clean: Our smart hybrid technology helps remove dirt from the hard surfaces of your vehicle. From your windows to the dashboard, Hydroshine will ensure your car is kept cleaner, for longer.


Protect: Once applied, Hydroshine creates a hydrophobic, ceramic shell which bonds to the surface of the vehicle. This prevents contamination (such as dirt and water marks) from occurring for up to 8 weeks.


Enhance: The purest of materials are used to provide a mirror-like finish on your vehicle. Our aim is to ensure your car always looks as if it is fresh out of the showroom.

Ideal for use on:


  • Metallic paintwork
  • Gloss, satin & matte finishes
  • Glass
  • All exterior trims
  • Leather
  • Interior plastics, trims & screens


Top tip: Keep a bottle in your glove compartment so you can top up your application on the go!

Please note: For best results, remove any heavily soiled areas or excessive mud before application. Hydroshine isn’t supposed to be a complete replacement for a traditional car wash - it is designed for use after, and in between full washes.